Sunday, July 11, 2010



I opted to make 2 different styles of bookmarks for the swap I recently participated in.  The first one is probably my favorite, but that may be because of my love for the tin flower embelishment I used on the tip.  It fits nicely over the corner of your page.




For the second, I was going for a somewhat earthy feel.  I used fiber paper as well as fiber strings as some of the components.  I thought the rub-ons directly on the fiber papers gave a nice effect.




And here they are together:













I look at these and I see two different personalities, if bookmarks can have personalities.  They were very fun to make.  In fact, I think I will make some more!


VioletFay said...

I love these Brooke, I think my fav it the corner one but they both are beautiful.

-brooke said...

Thanks! That's my favorite too.