Saturday, February 2, 2008


Wow! My crafty space is in some desperate need of tidying up! I'm finally feeling well enough to start taking down our Christmas things. I have a lot of handmade ornaments, and some of them were in need of repair, so they all made their way up to my desk, and now I can't make any cards or layouts until I get that taken care of. So I've mad a goal to get this tidied up this weekend. These are my goals for the coming week:
  • Tidy up my desk!
  • Valentines cards for teachers from my kids
  • "Reflections" jar - fold the tasks, and alter the jar. (I may need a larger jar)
  • Alter "Reflections" book
  • Trains LO of ds#2

That should keep my plenty busy. I made a new year's resolution to do an on-going project that was all about me. Something my posterity can look back at and learn more of who I am. A journal if you will, but I intend to keep it in a scrapbook form with tons of journaling. That will be my reflections book. I found a cool message board at On this board, one of the projects is a Book of Me, which I figure will be a HUGE help to me for my reflections book. I'm sure there are going to be days that I'm not compelled toward a certain subject. On those days, I'll go to my jar, and pick a topic they've used for the Book of Me. I hope to do 2-3 pages in my reflections book a month all year long. I've printed the topics out on pp and cut them into strips (1 topic on each strip). I need to get them all folded up and into my jar, which I need to alter. From the looks of my cuts, I should add replacing my trimmer blade to that goal list...

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