Friday, January 18, 2008


So, I was having a pretty annoying stomach ache that just wouldn't go away on Sunday. By Monday morning, I had decided it wasn't a "normal" ache and that I needed to have it looked at. So my hubby and I got the kids ready for school, dropped them off, and proceeded to the emergency room for me to be checked out. 1 set of X-rays and 1 ultrasound later, I was informed that I had a substantial sized stone trying to escape my gall bladder, which had lodged itself against my stomach. Apparently the ER doc, ultrasound tech, and surgical doc were all a bit surprised that I hadn't experienced any pain before this. End result: Surgery to remove the gallbladder, 2 days in a hospital, a liquid diet, and so far 5 days recovering. I'm still sluggish, and don't move around as well as I'd like, but I am feeling much better. I've been able to mix solid foods in with my liquids of choice. My good friends (and surrogate sisters, since my real ones are so far away) Holly and Joann sent me these lovely flowers today.

I've been working an altered box for my oldest son that would normally have taken me one night. Because of my current state, I've been working on it here and there for a few minutes at a time. I've almost finished the lid. I hope to have it finished and posted here soon. In the mean time, I have a previous project that I did for my mom for Christmas that I'll post shortly.


Robert A Vollrath said...

You have a nice start to your blog.
I like craft projects so I'll check back from time to time. I hope your feeling better. Keep on blogging.

Amy said...


I love your blog! It looks great!

So sorry about surgery, that's not fun but I am very glad to hear you are feeling better!